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Hey, but I raised YOU!

It’s the high holiday season, a time for personal introspection, humility, self-improvement and reparations with family, friends and acquaintances. What better way to prepare than to host your grown children for an extended weekend to have all your foibles exposed and laid before you for inspection. Your flaws may be as innocuous as having cooked scrambled eggs in a frying pan rather than a saucepan where they turn out to be fluffy wonders. The driving techniques which you have used for the past 47 years are probably wrong, you need to take the curves slower and stop sooner, behind the stop sign. What was politically correct terminology 20 years ago is probably racist, sexist, ageist or just plain insensitive, these days. Just ask your kids or better yet, utter a few sentences and ask for their scrutiny.

Those deeply-held religious beliefs which have guided your life for the past six decades—FORGET IT! Truths you have understood about career paths, higher education or dating advice—ALL NONSENSE! The pants you bought last season, the shirts from Nordstrom’s Rack—SERIOUSLY? The food you eat—YOU’RE KILLING YOURSELF!

But this season of reflection and self-improvement can help you modify your racist, uninformed, anachronistic, malnourished self. Very possibly you could refashion yourself as a reinvented 60-something millennial; ready to save the world (don’t say “tikkun-olam which is ethno-centric). In short order you’ll be blue-toothing your way to politically correct behavior that offends no one and transcends ethnic and religious distinctions.

So as you chill in synagogue or in church, remember—WE CAN ALL GET IT RIGHT! And when you are finished renewing yourself with prayer and introspection you can get back to work on refreshing and improving your physical status with a visit to the JCC. The highly-qualified staff at either of our buildings can help you determine an appropriate plan of action for improvement, relaxation, strength-training or balance. Visit with new and old friends as you swim, train or relax. Your guest is always welcome, and a free, first-time pass is available on this website. Think 21st century: Engage, Actualize and Grow. And do it at the JCC.


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